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Looking for the patterns in static...

...They start to make sense the longer i'm at it.
13 January
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  • wornxlipstickx

Her Name is Melinda
She's 15
Shes not the coolest person in the world
she does have the coolest friends and aqaintences in the world though.
Shes in love with a boy
this boy is great and really nice and treats her very well.
she loves music.
She thinks conor( from bright eyes) has an amazing voice.
She loves to shop, for belts, flip flops and pretty things.
Shes sorta kinda obsessed with pretty things and pretty people
(but dont stalk the pretyt people like crazy)
she likes her life.
shes happy with it.

so love me and leave comments bitches.
and add me.

thanks _sommeil for the layout